We help Real Estate Development and Property Management companies reach their financial goals by providing the industries most comprehensive accounting software on the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform. 


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REDA Software

Software Features
For the Developer / Owner

Gain total Control

REDA Software on the Acumatica platform is a complete solution for seamless management and oversight of your real estate development and financial operations.

Designed specifically for growth-minded owner operators, REDA Software includes all the functionality you need for managing your simple to complex development projects. 

REDA Software provides growing developers, owner-operators, a user friendly single system of record to manage every aspect of a development business.

Single version of the truth

REDA Software on the Acumatica Cloud uses the same database for Finances, Project Management, CRM, and more. View data across the enterprise, or view by business entity, customer account, vendor, and more. All data is displayed in real time. Every member of the team shows up at meetings with the same data.

Multi-dimensional reporting

Use subaccounts with segmented keys to break down information into any number of dimensions that you select.

Multiple display options

Display data in a variety of formats:

  • Generate reports for key staff
  • Create visual dashboards for at-a-glance views of essential KPIs
  • Export data to Excel files
  • Make data available to external analysis tools, such as Power BI
Create customized reports

Generate custom reports when you need them and retrieve reports online to make better, faster, and more informed decisions. Create templates for commonly used report types.

Role-based reporting

Reports can be tailored to meet the information needs of all roles in your organization so sensitive information is only shared with the individuals who have appropriate access.

Multiple reporting formats

Produce reports using HTML, PDF, Excel, or Word formats, so they can be easily shared with others, and automate report delivery over email.

Security by role

Manage all data security from a single location. Use online reporting to avoid relying on printed reports that pose a security risk if vital information leaves your premises.

Project Aware
Project Aware

“Project Aware” design makes development accounting an inherent component of the system.

Commitment Management
Commitment Management

Commitment feature manages and assists with controlling your costs by tracking your retainage and preventing over-payment.

Loan Draw
Loan Draw

REDA software significantly reduces your loan draw preparation time while tracking your equity in the project.

Project Aware

With REDA Software, real estate development is an inherent part of the system and provides you with all the features necessary to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.  

Commitment Management

REDA Software’s Commitment feature manages and assists with controlling your costs by tracking your retainage and preventing over-payment.

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